Thursday, February 18, 2010

Persé subscribers discount

Hi everyone,

I decided to do member specials.
I started the Persé update group a few weeks ago, and the amount of subscribers amazes me! Thank you so much.
Besides getting the scoop, I will try and give you more.
You will get special gifts from time to time, and I now have something else for you as well.
I made a subscribers special wall. All items here are around 50% off if you have been a subscriber for over so many days.
Right now it's for subscribers since 7 days, which is because of the short time I had the group up, and to introduce you to a few of my items.
To make it more special for the loyal members I will gradually increase this time period. The items will be changed regularly as well.

Thank you for staying up to date, and here is the tp to the store.



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